China products
The run of the company as of now nowadays aggregates more than 500 names
Our company offers hosiery products.
The run of the company as of now nowadays aggregates more than 500 names, including:
  • men’s line of models: winter, summer, low season show advancement, sports socks and shoes, counting items of diverse classes – from budget to extravagance category for the foremost requesting customers;
  • women’s show line: winter, summer, low season socks, tights and socks, advertising a wide extend of colors, decorations, a la mode solutions;
  • children’s demonstrate line: from “soft 3D” for newborns to children’s comfortable, common and secure tights, a la mode socks and socks of all the proper sizes, colors and temperature characteristics.
Our company moreover offers footwear made from characteristic materials, as well as manufactured calfskin, elastic, material and plastic. Shoes for all events – from shoes to demonstrate shoes, wear shoes and children’s footwear.

How to search for goods in China
The process of searching for goods in China directly depends on the request left by the client. So in the selection of low-cost products, this procedure takes no more than three days. The selection of expensive products, as a rule, is more complicated and, accordingly, the duration of the request
Submitting a complete, as detailed as possible application via the inquiry form
Preparing a commercial proposal
Processing of the online application by a manager
Benefits of registering online
You get a personal manager, who will supervise your orders
Group chat with manager and site administrator (in case of disagreement
Access to your orders, where you can review information about your orders, download infos and bill of lading, and return to pay for your order
Tracking capability
Advantages of cooperation in product search
Professional freight forwarding services of goods delivery from China
Calculation of optimal logistics schemes for any goods
Possibility to organize production of products in China, including under own brand name
Effective negotiation and interpreting services
Search for goods from China and wholesale buyout of products in Chinese online stores, factories and plants
Two-level quality check of goods (directly at production and before shipment)
Guarantees that the goods are free from defects. Insurance of goods and compensation in case of loss or confiscation.
Documentary support when working with China: provision of all necessary documents
Clear adherence to contractual relationships
Request to search for goods and manufacturers
When filling out the inquiry form, please try to describe the product/factory/manufacturer you need in as much detail as possible

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